“Poetry has given me the space to articulate my pains, irritations, joys, and intimacies in a way that makes perfect sense to me. The voice my poems embody is a concoction of the voices of my family, my friends that feel like family, and both my current self and younger selves. Writing helped me discover that we all have our “own languages” and means of communicating; we as people may be feeling the same feelings but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we feel them in the same way.

I am adopted, and before giving me away my birthmother asked both God and my parents to make sure that I’d learn how to read and write. Regardless of what you may or may not believe in, I hope that you recognize how powerful that is; that I naturally fell in love with what my birthmother did not have the resources or support system to be able to do herself. Knowing how to write is a privilege that will continuously motivate me to become more raw, innovative, and dedicated to my craft.”   – Angelica