1st Place Winner of Chicago’s Mikva Challenge Project SOAPBOX competition, speaking about the effect of racial stigmatization on Black youth.

Guest Speaker at Author Eric Liu’s, You’re More Powerful Than You Think book signing (Performing, 1st Place Project SOAPBOX speech)

Guest Speaker at Chicago’s Electing More Women & People of Color to Public Office Symposium (Performing, 1st Project SOAPBOX speech)

Guest Speaker at Chicago’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Breast Cancer Awareness (Performing “Ode To Eve”)


High school Certificate of Achievement, in recognition for the Use of Oral Presentation and Spoken Word To Inspire The Class


Fall Semester 2018-19: Kevin T. Early 2019 Freshman Undergraduate Prize at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) for poetry entry. Acknowledged for the poem “Curls”

Spring Semester 2018-19: “A Freak For Poetry (Ars Poetica)” received the 2nd place, Charles and Susan Shattuck Prize in UIUC’s Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest.


Fall Semester 2019-2020:

Guest Performer at C.U. Black and African Arts Festival in Urbana-Champaign

Writers Organizing Realistic Dialect (W.O.R.D) Member Spotlight, featured poem “Fefe”

B.L.A.CK. Artist Spotlight of the Month, featured poem “A Letter To My Birthmother”

Spring Semester 2019-2020:

Guest performer on poet and author of “milk and honey” and “the sun and her flowers”, Rupi Kaur’s Open Mic, held on instagram live during the COVID-19 Pandemic Performing, “PTSD”

In Living Color’s Creative of The Week

Fall Semester 2020-2021:

Guest performer at U of I’s, Central Black Student Union, Candlelight Vigil for the lives lost to police brutality. Performing, “When They Ask You Where You’re From”


Spring Semester 2020-2021:

Winner of Junior Quinn Prize Award for a collection of poems that focus on the topics of race, gender, and family.

“Ode to My Period Stained Panties” received the 1st place, Folger Adam, Jr. Prize in UIUC’s Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest.