ghazal for my last sistas

(after Angel Nafis)

melanin on double chocolate chip / you sure are poppin’ & flavorlicious sista.

boys get swallowed / intimidated by the tough curve of your hips & intelligence sista. 

they’re shook when you claim your space / white girls called you a mean & ugly black sista.

but you smile brilliant like 87th on a saturday night / the southside stops to hear you laugh sista.

princess of chatham / the swing of that ass is royalty in house parties sista.

you betta werk / just like you’ve been workin’ in your hardest class / i am a proud sista. 

a quiet but armed home / your words could heal a heart & break another in the same breath sista. 

ms.cabrini green / warmer than the crimson undertones of your skin / i am a blessed sista.  

destiny’s children / learned that not everybody was down to be a devoted sista.

when i found myself lonelier than being alone / God led me to you my precious sistas. 

tighter than fresh cornrows / thick as fleshy thighs 

for my last sistas / i promise / to forever ride or die.